By Leon M. Lederman

ISBN-10: 1616148012

ISBN-13: 9781616148010

Two prime physicists speak about the significance of the Higgs Boson, the way forward for particle physics, and the mysteries of the universe but to be unraveled.

On July four, 2012, the long-sought Higgs Boson--aka "the God Particle"--was stumbled on on the world's biggest particle accelerator, the LHC, in Geneva, Switzerland. On March 14, 2013, physicists at CERN proven it. This elusive subatomic particle kinds a box that permeates the total universe, growing the loads of the trouble-free debris which are the elemental development blocks of every little thing within the recognized world--from viruses to elephants, from atoms to quasars.
beginning the place Nobel Laureate Leon Lederman's bestseller The God Particle left off, this incisive new e-book explains what is subsequent. Lederman and Hill talk about key questions that might occupy physicists for years to come: 

     * Why have been scientists confident that whatever just like the "God Particle" needed to exist? 
     * What new debris, forces, and legislation of physics lie past the "God Particle"? 
     * What robust new accelerators are actually wanted for the united states to recapture a management position in technological know-how and to arrive "beyond the God Particle," akin to Fermilab's deliberate Project-X and the Muon Collider? 

     utilizing considerate, witty, daily language, the authors convey how all of those fascinating questions are prime scientists ever deeper into the cloth of nature. Readers of The God Particle will no longer are looking to pass over this crucial sequel.

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What makes mass happen? Will we ever become skillful enough to calculate the mass of the electron or the muon or the top quark from a “first principle”? What shapes and controls and sculpts the elementary constituents of matter and their masses? ” The answer to that question came in the 1950s—it turned out to be encoded into a very long and durable molecule called DNA. ” All structure and function and ultimately all diseases of living organisms are controlled by DNA and its associated processes.

7 It was thought that LEP might actually discover the Higgs boson, an ingredient of the Standard Model that had been hypothesized by theorist Steven Weinberg to provide the origin of the masses of all the particles. The optimism of a LEP discovery had sprung from certain popular theories that had argued the Higgs mass was actually less than that of the Z0 boson. To achieve the required energies to make a Z0 boson with the precision afforded by using electrons and positrons (see chapters 7 and 8), LEP had to be an enormous circular ring, housed underground in a deep tunnel.

The Internet and World Wide Web were direct consequences of basic research in the science of particle physics. Particle physics is a worldwide science involving large teams of many people collaborating on single projects, and it was in dire need of a worldwide information-sharing system. It provided the unique and essential paradigm for the development of the World Wide Web. 01 percent (a hundredth of a penny on the dollar) of the tax revenue per year on the cash flow it has generated by inventing the World Wide Web, the Superconducting Super Collider would have been built in Waxahachie, it would have discovered the Higgs boson ten years ago, and we'd now be well on to the next machines—electron colliders, very large proton colliders, and a veritable star-ship of a particle accelerator called the Muon Collider (which we'll discuss later).

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