By Volker Koop

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On Thiers, see François Lebrun, ‘Le “Traité des superstitions” de Jean-Baptiste Thiers, contribution a 1’ethnographie de la France du XVII e siècle’, Annales de Bretagne et des pays de l’Ouest, 83(1976):443–65. 20 Pierre Le Brun, Histoire critique des pratiques superstitieuses qut ont séduit les peuples et embarrassé les sçavans (Rouen, 1702); 2nd augmented edn, 4 vols (Paris 1732–37, reprinted 1750–51). On Thiers as a source of amusement, see ‘Au lecteur’, preface to Superstitions anciennes et modernes (reprint of works by Thiers and Le Brun), 2 vols (Amsterdam, 1733–36).

Their fakery, the author suggested, had been exposed by physicians who had treated them as patients and won 24 Matthew Ramsey their confidence, or who had simply observed their techniques. According to a colleague, witches’ magic formulas were not only a ridiculous superstition; in many cases, they did not actually know any and simply recited some unintelligible phrases. 33 Occasionally, it is true, the remedy of the maige seemed to work, but this outcome could be attributed, as always, to the patient’s confidence in it.

1, pp. 255–6. 30 Théophile de Bordeu, Recherches sur le tissu muqueux (Paris, 1790), pp. 157–60 (first published 1767). On rustics and primitives, see Davis, ‘Proverbial wisdom’, p. 264. 31 Ate Treille, Quelques reflexions sur les principaux abus en médecine (Auch, 1823), p. 52. Nivet, ‘Essai sur les erreurs populaires relatives à la médecine et aux personnes qui exercent 1’art de guérir’, Annales scientifiques, littéraires et industrielles de l’Auvergne, 13 (1840): 93–213, p. 94. 33 Paul Bidault, Les Superstitions médicales du Morvan, Paris medical thesis (1898–99), no.

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