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Taking some soul time every day is the antidote for the beleaguered, whether the source of the strain is work, family, inner emptiness, or some combination of those. Attention given to the spirit produces energy instead of only consuming it. That’s what people who are actively aware of this deeper dimension have in common: an energy source that doesn’t run out. The surest way to access this energy source is through silence, through taking a specified amount of time each day for meditation, prayer, journal writing (see Secret 50), or inspirational reading.

Have you ever felt that you could climb the Matterhorn more easily than you could do the dishes? That’s V i c t o r i a M o r a n / 43 because the Matterhorn is somewhere else and the dishes are right here. The next indicated thing can seem burdensome because it is so clearly what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s hard to rationalize away something so obvious. In doing that thing, however—the thing that may be nagging or difficult—you develop courage. In doing the thing that seems tedious or boring, you develop poise.

Beyond these few specific instances, though, maturity helps, rather than hinders, any dream or aspiration you have. Believing that everything has to happen in some preset order is another stumbling block to living your life one intriguing chapter at a time. So many people go to school, land a job, get married, buy a house, have kids, work longer, and retire to Florida that we’re duped into thinking that this sequence of events is somehow encoded in our DNA. It isn’t. If any or all of these par- 46 / Creating a Charmed Life ticular life experiences are important to you, by all means work toward them—but even then, you don’t have to experience them in the expected order.

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