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If Q > I, increment I and go back to 2. If the quotient Q ~ I then : If N = 1, the process terminates. If N = N1 , then N is prime. If N < N1 , then N is a divisor, and must be printed. 26. 27. 28. 25 to print only when the divisor is completely divided out.

Throughout the program, only positive integer exponents of integers are used. Also, given the limited range of the values of A and B, the highest number to be represented is 20,OOO-a number well within the nine digits of precision supplied by ATARI BASIC. Note: The topic of round-off errors is discussed in detail in Chapter 6. 5 is produced by a program that displays output in a linearfashion . This method makes reading and understanding the output very inconvenient. To reduce the excessive length of the printout, we can display multiple solutions per line.

J We observe that by using this method, X is indeed being converted into the largest element of the array. Therefore, we can go ahead and program this flowchart. Note: This method can only be used with fairly simple flowcharts. 5 can be translated into BASIC in various ways. B. J FLOWCHARTS This is not the best possible version, but it is easy to understand: Lines 110 to 130 read in the entire array. Lines 140 to 180 correspond to the search for the largest element in the array. , would normally hold the actual values of the 100 elements to be read into the array.

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