By Gert Heller (auth.), Karl-Christian Buschbeck, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

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Sirotkin, B. P. Tarasevich, E. V. Kuznetsov (Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR 265 [1982] 1402/6; Dokl. Chem. Proc. Acad. Sei. USSR 262/267 [1982] 286/90). 0. S. Sirotkin, B. P. Tarasevich (Fiz. Khim. A. 98 [1983) No. 21 032). B. P. Tarasevich, 0. S. Sirotkin, E. V. Kuznetsov, R. F. Saifullin (lzv. Akad. Nauk SSSR Neorgan. Materialy 19 [1983] 619/24; lnorg. A. 98 [1983] No. 226945). B. P. Tarasevich, G. D. Ashmarin, P. A. lvashchenko, E. V. Kuznetsov (Steklo Keram. 1983 No. 9, pp. A. 99 [1983] No. 162822).

Vol. 4 8oron Oxides Catalysis With B20 3 and Other Applications Direct Liquid-phase air oxidation of n -dodecane in the presence of 8 20 3 yields straight chain C12 alcohols [1], and of n -hexadecane mono- and bifunctional products [2]. ln the presence of 8 20 3 , K2S0 4 is reduced to K2S using a suitable agent; K2S can then be converted to K2C0 3 with C0 2 [3]. Calcined 8 20 3 ┬ĚnAL20 3 is contained in a catalyst support for hydrogenations [4], or is used for the vapor-phase isomerization of cyclohexanone oxime to E-caprolactam [5, 89].

Catal. , Hyderabad, India, 1980 [1983], pp. 265/77 from C. A. 99 [1983] No. 70344). [18] V. N. Vorob'ev, D. R. Agzamkhodzhaeva, V. P. Mikita, M. F. Abidova (Zh. Prikl. Khim. A. 102 [1985] No. 27775; Kinetika Kataliz. 25 [1984]190/4; Kinet. Catal. A. 100 [1984] No. 162482). [19] S. V. Morozova, L. A. Tarasov, A. V. Sharkov, A. V. Rybina, V. N. Anokhin, G. A. Nizov (Katal. Katal. A. 102 [1985] No. 84972). [20] V. A. Maslov, V. A. Kruzhalov, K. N.

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B Boron Compounds: 3rd Supplement Volume 2 Boron and Oxygen by Gert Heller (auth.), Karl-Christian Buschbeck, Kurt Niedenzu (eds.)

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B Boron Compounds: 3rd Supplement Volume 2 Boron and Oxygen by Gert Heller (auth.), Karl-Christian Buschbeck, Kurt Niedenzu PDF
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