By Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

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88 An apparent force that pulls outward on any body moving in a curved path. It is the tendency of the body to move in a straight line and resist being made to follow a curve. billion miles). Nebula A vast cloud of dust and gas in which stars are bom. See also Planetary nebula. Planetary nebula star Centrifugal force thousand neanng planet the A shell of gas gently ejected from an old end of its life. looks a bit like the disk of a It when seen through a telescope. Quasar The central core of a young active galaxy.

Most stars reach this stage after a brief spell as a red giant. White dwarf The force of attraction that acts between two objects. The more massive an object is, and the closer it is, the greater is Gravity gravitational force. its Index Ganymede Alpha Centauri 28 Andromeda Galaxy 36 Apollo astronauts asteroids gravity 14, 15, 26 18. 24 Orion 36,37 helium fusion 33 Betelguese 28, 31 Big Bang 37 black hole 33, 36 hydrogen 12, infrared radiation 30 6, 8, 9, 11, 30 Io24 Callisto 24 celestial fusion sphere centrifugal force chromosphere 26, 28, 17, 29 18, 10, 12, 14-15, 17 atmosphere 19, Moon 8, 14, 6, 8, ";ors 9, 21 - 14 Sirius28, 31 solar eclipse 17 15, 36 17,21 solar flares 13 Solar System 18-19, 20, 24, 25 solar "ecosphere" 20 wind 13, :2 Europe 24 34 Space Shuttle 37 gamma rays 6.

North sphere celestial a clear night, the stars appear as Module (CSM) pole were painted on a huge dome. Of course, in reality, they are separated by vast tracts of empty space. But we can use a celestial sphere to show the position of the stars as they appear to us the night sky. The celestial Celestial m sphere is equator rather like a globe of the Earth. It has a North and South Pole and an equator that correspond to those of the Earth. Using the sphere, star maps can be created, just as maps we of the Earth.

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