By Patricia Barnes-Svarney

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A examine the production and composition of asteroids and the scary eventuality of a collision with the earth.

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The proof was in the hundreds of asteroid trails bursting across an image, usually on deep-sky photographs. (Photo courtesy of Lowell Observatory and E. L. G. Bowell) asteroids). But he was far from the top asteroid discoverer who used photos: German astronomer Karl Reinmuth (Wolf's assistant) discovered 385 asteroids between 1914 and 1957; Russian astronomer Nikolai Cemykh found 377; and, more recently, astronomer Edward L. G. Bowell at the Lowell Observatory has counted 386 to his credit, making him the leading discoverer of asteroids that have been numbered'?

The impacting bodies broke open parts of the newly formed crust, which in turn released gigantic lava flows. The bombardment continued, and because there is no atmosphere or crustal movement, the resulting (and subsequent) craters still cover the entire satellite-virtually a fossil remnant of the bombardment. (Photo courtesy of NASA) lands and may have precipitated the volcanic flooding of the major impact crater basins-developed from a different population of impacting bodies. Extrapolation of the dates on the Moon also led to closer looks at crater-covered Mercury and more sparsely cratered Mars.

In the outer regions of the spiraling nebula, other processes were taking place. Parts of the thin, flat disk of debris that stayed on the outside of stellar formation did not go to waste: The cocoon lost some of its material to interstellar space as the result of natural attrition. As the solar nebula became less dense over time, it also allowed heat to be radiated away more readily, eventually leading to the condensation and aggregation of material from the nebula. The heat differential also created a temperature gradient 34 ASTEROID: EARTH DESTROYER OR NEW FRONTIER?

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