By Carl R. Woese (Eds.)

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4 (Fuchs and Stupperich, 1980). Evidence for this hypothesis is as follows. Alanine is rapidly labeled by l 4 CO, or [14C]acetate. After labeling with 1 4 C0 2 for 5 sec, about 25% of the radiolatel in the ethanolsoluble fraction of whole cells is found in alanine (Stupperich aid Fuchs, 1981). This is a large amount considering that 90% of the C 0 2 fixed eventually forms methane, and the intermediates of methanogenesis must also be labeled. , 1977; Fuchs and Stupperich, 1978, 1982). Degradation of the alanine formed within 2 sec showed that 61, 23, and 16% of the radioactivity was in the C-1, C-2, and C-3 positions, respectively (Stupperich and Fuchs, 1981).

All methanogens isolated grow best near neutral pH. In pure cultures, the pH optima are generally between 6 and 8. However, methanogenesis in nature is not similarly restricted. , 1982). , 1981; Risatti, 1978). Thus, alkali- and acid-tolerant methanogens may exist, but they have not been isolated. Methanogens are abundant in mesophilic and thermophilic environments. , 1984). , 1979). No psychrophilic methanogens have been reported. A. CARBON SOURCES The majority of species of methanogens in pure culture can grow autotrophically (Table III).

Nutritional requirements vary. , 1980). Growth of strain Fusaro is greatly stimulated by riboflavin (Scherer and Sahm, 1981a). Growth of the thermophilic strain TM-1, which has a temperature optimum near 50°C, is dependent on an unidentified factor in sewage sludge (Zinder and Mah, 1979). All strains except TM-1 use H2 + C 0 2 as substrates for methanogenesis in addition to acetate, methanol, and methylamines. Strain TM-1 uses H 2 + C 0 2 only after a long period of adaptation. , 1977a). Methanosarcina mazei forms cell clusters very similar to some strains of M.

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