By Joseph Bobick, St. Thomas Aquinas

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In Aquinas on subject and shape and the Elements, Joseph Bobik proceeds, now not through bearing in mind the works of numerous students, yet quite by way of attempting to perform a little actual, uncomplicated, and unencumbered philosophy, utilizing the phrases of Thomas Aquinas as some extent of departure. In components one and of this quantity, he offers, interprets, and gives a with no trouble understandable interpretation of Aquinas's De Principiis Naturae and his De Mixtione Elementorum

Bobik then displays on what Aquinas says approximately topic and shape and the weather in a number of contexts and all through his many works. partly 3, Bobik clarifies how, based on Aquinas, composition out of topic and shape, at the one hand, and composition out of parts, at the different, relate to each other and to the actual components during which they're chanced on. He considers the position of the weather when it comes to the inventive causality of God, and relating to the producing and maintaining causality of the heavenly bodies. Part 4 investigates a number of resources with the intention to see what thinkers this day need to say concerning the components, the wish being that trendy perspectives and people of Aquinas may shed a few priceless and welcome mild on one another.

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Oportet igitur praeter materiam et formam esse aliquid principium quod agat, et hoc dicitur esse efficiens, vel movens, vel agens, vel unde est principium motus.  But these are not sufficient for generation.  It is necessary, therefore, that there be in addition to the matter and the form some principle which does something; and this is said to be what makes, or moves, or acts, or that from which the motion begins.  There is need for an actively working cause, a sculptor in this case; a cause which has it in its active power to give the bronze the shape of a statue, thereby bringing what is in potency into a state of actuality.

Through substance, which is real through itself.  Whereas prime matter is the subject in which the substantial form inheres, the substantial form is the subject (in some cases along with prime matter) in which the accidents inhere.  It is important, Aquinas seems to be saying, to note both the likeness and the difference.  Oportet igitur praeter materiam et formam esse aliquid principium quod agat, et hoc dicitur esse efficiens, vel movens, vel agens, vel unde est principium motus.  But these are not sufficient for generation.

Et quia generatio non fit ex non ente simpliciter, sed ex non ente quod est in aliquo subiecto, et non in quolibet, sed in determinato, — non enim ex quolibet non igne fit ignis, sed ex tali non igne, circa quem nata sit fieri forma ignis, — ideo dicitur quod privatio sit principium. Although generation is from non­being, we do not say, it must be understood, that negation is a principle, but privation; because negation does not determine a subject for itself.  And because generation does not take place from non­ being simply, but from the non­being which is in some subject; and not in just any subject, but in a determined one — fire, for example, does not come to be from just any non­fire, but from the sort of non­fire in which the form of fire is meant by nature to come to be — this is why it is said that privation [not negation] is a principle.

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Aquinas on Matter and Form and the Elements: A Translation and Interpretation of the DE PRINCIPIIS NATURAE and the DE MIXTIONE ELEMENTORUM of St. Thomas Aquinas by Joseph Bobick, St. Thomas Aquinas

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