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Angels supply outlooks which can support get to the bottom of any human quandary, no matter if social, political, historic, own, sexual, or religious, and their enlightened ways are recorded in this insightful and uplifting religious consultant. real and encouraging own tales turn out that no challenge is just too tough whilst angels are consulted, and various workouts and meditations are incorporated to make hearing and realizing angels more straightforward. those basic, transparent, and compassionate solutions are awarded as a manner of resolving making an attempt matters and discovering peace.

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What is going to happen at the winter solstice of 2012? The current projection is that some people will move into the fourth dimension, while a few, who are ready, will ascend. Others who could do so will stay to act as beacons of light to guide those on Earth who are waking up at this time. The angels do not anticipate a sudden or dramatic change. It is simply that the cosmic moment and the energies available will offer an extraordinary chance for enlightenment. It is expected that millions of souls will avail themselves of this unique spiritual opportunity.

Why? Everything works out spiritually over lifetimes, so ultimately no one gets away with anything. Younger souls tend to accrue karma because they are unaware of the consequences of their actions. However, as they reincarnate and gain more wisdom, they have a desire to repay what 50 KARMA they owe. Then they undertake lives where they serve society or help other people. My friend is such a good, kind person, but terrible things keep happening to him. This seems so unfair. Why is this? And how can he change it?

The Wise Ones of the Mayan culture prophesied that the energy which comes in on Creation Day will ignite the kundalini force in many humans. This will once more activate their twelve chakras, which were fully working in the golden times of Atlantis but closed down as the frequency of that great civilization fell. As the higher chakras of these 26 2012 individuals open, the genetic memories of their true divine selves will be stimulated and they will once more experience infinite possibilities. The light they can then access from Source will pour down through their higher chakras and flow into their Earth Star chakra, which is below their feet.

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