By Manjit S Dhooria

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Holding the necessities of lecturers and researchers in brain, this encyclopedic dictionary provides the terminology in entomology and pest administration within the such a lot actual and accomplished approach. it's also phrases concerning the shut family members of bugs, resembling mites and ticks and a few different organisms that are pests of plants.

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Biological Races: Non-interbreeding sympatric populations, which differ in biology but not, or scarcely, in morphology; supposedly prevented from interbreeding by preference for different food plants or other hosts. Biomagnification: The increase in concentration of pesticide residue in animals as related to their position in a food chain, usually referring to the persistent organochlorine insecticides and their metabolites. Biological Species Concept : A concept of the species category according to which ‘Species are groups of actually (or potentially) interbreeding natural populations which are reproductively isolated from other such groups’.

It is secreted as tiny scales or flakes from four pairs of abdominal glands located on the ventral body surface of honeybee. The scales are transferred to the mouth by the legs where they are chewed by mandibles before the wax is incorporated into the comb. Beeswax is mainly used in the preparation of comb foundation, which is affixed to the frames of a commercial beehive. This foundation serves to induce the bees to construct the honey comb in the frames. 5 kg of wax. Beeswax is used in religious candles, polishes and cosmetics.

Two pairs of wings usually present. Front wings toughened, overlap to cover the larger fanshaped membranous hind wings. Abdomen with a pair of cerci. Eggs are laid in toughened case (ootheca). They are largely tropical and subtropical omnivorous insects and are recognized as household pests. Blight: A general term that may include spotting, discolouration, sudden wilting, or death of leaves, fruits, flowers, stem or the entire plant. Blood Gill: Hollow process of the body wall through which blood circulates but which lacks tracheae; present in endopterygote larvae, probably functioning in maintaining ionic balance.

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