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The editors of Time-Life Books have produced one other intriguing sequence: Mysteries of the Unknown. old knowledge and mystery Sects are dropped at you in notable aspect via vibrant images and interesting, informative textual content.

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The brothers removed the altar and found beneath details titled in 1615. Written in essentially repeated the that the Rosicrucian order it of these, appeared Fama, only more fervently and been buried. Everything, so that decade it other slender but equally sensational works on Rosicrucian has greatly puzzled subsequent students of Rosicrucianism because Paracelsus, a picturesque figure whose to cir- when German a respected philosopher. at the time. 53 Historians speculate that the 1613 union of Frederick V, soon to be king of Bohemia, and Elizabeth of England (depicted at right) may have inspired The Chemical Wedding, one of Rosicrucianism's seminal works.

Exalted status; at other times they navigated a long, tortuous route. out similarities in the vestments and organization of the ing a covert auxiliary of the Assassins. individuals design, was to somehow their beliefs or teachings for embarked on a universal However members of those groups, the aptightly drawn circle of like-minded spiritual odyssey of and strone, and not to their own be denied. ' The Sacred Assassins Kali For centuries, travelers in India fell and practical: It made the victims difficult to identify.

Before parting, they agreed upon six basic which would bind them them was and that to exercise their forever: First, that none of any worldly profession but medicine medical services would be provided to pa- tients free of charge. the Christian feast of after Easter) to share information Second, that they would never adopt a and renew whom to he would transmit all his accu- mulated wisdom before death, so as to perpetuate the order's mission on earth. Fifth, that the initials RC -presum- ably standing for Rosae Crucis, in Latin -were to be taken as the brotherhood's seal, password, cern.

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