By Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

ISBN-10: 1451193181

ISBN-13: 9781451193183

Organize for the dissection lab and working room with Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas, 8e. that includes awesome full-color pictures of exact cadaver dissections with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic photos, this confirmed textual content depicts anatomic constructions extra realistically than illustrations in conventional atlases. Chapters are equipped via area within the order of a standard dissection with every one bankruptcy featuring topographical anatomical constructions in a systemic manner.

Authentic photographic replica of colours, constructions, and spatial dimensions as visible within the dissection lab and at the working desk assist you increase an figuring out of the anatomy of the human body.
Functional connections among unmarried organs, the encircling tissue, and organ structures are clarified to arrange you for the dissection lab and useful exams.
Clinical situations and over 1,200 photos increase your understanding.
Dissections illustrate the topographical anatomy in layers "from the skin in" to raised organize you for the lab and working room.

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The center of this system represents the heart. Red = arteries; blue = veins. A = Pulmonary circulation B = Systemic circulation C = Portal circulation D = Lymphatic circulation The center of the circulatory system is the heart, which is situated in the thoracic cavity and in contact with the diaphragm. In the right ventricle, the venous blood is collected and pumped through the pulmonary artery and into the lung where the blood is oxygenated. The veins of the lung transport the blood to the left ventricle, where it is pumped through the aorta and its branches (arteries) in the human body.

Base of the skull (external aspect). Left temporal bone (lateral aspect). 2014 8:50 Uhr Seite 28 Disarticulated Skull I: Frontal Bone 14 8 18 22 21 24 23 20 Part of a disarticulated skull (right lateral aspect). The frontal bone and the maxilla are connected with the temporal bone by the zygomatic bone (orange). Sphenoidal bone (black), palatine bone (red), lacrimal bone (yellow). Frontal bone (inferior aspect). The ethmoidal foveolae cover the ethmoidal cavities of the ethmoidal bone. Frontal bone 1 Nasal margin 2 Trochlear fossa 3 Fossa for lacrimal gland 4 Anterior ethmoidal foramen 5 Posterior ethmoidal foramen 6 Nasal spine 7 Supra-orbital notch 8 Supra-orbital margin 9 Orbital plate 10 Roofs of the ethmoidal air cells 11 Ethmoidal notch 12 Parietal margin 13 Groove for superior sagittal sinus 14 Squamous part of frontal bone 15 Frontal crest 16 Foramen cecum 17 Nasal spine 18 Zygomatic process of frontal bone 19 Juga cerebralia Facial bones 20 Maxilla 21 Frontal process of maxilla 22 Lacrimal bone (yellow) 23 Zygomatic bone (orange) 24 Zygomaticofacial foramen Temporal bone 25 Squamous part of temporal bone 26 External acoustic meatus 27 Mastoid process 28 Styloid process 29 Mandibular fossa 30 Articular tubercle 31 Zygomatic process Frontal bone (posterior aspect).

As a result, the base of the skull developed an angulation of about 120° between the clivus and the cribriform plate (see drawing on page 20). The hypophysial fossa containing the pituitary gland lies at the angle formed between these two planes. 2014 8:50 Uhr Seite 38 Disarticulated Skull II: Ethmoidal Bone Ethmoidal bone 1 Crista galli 2 Cribriform plate 3 Ethmoidal air cells 4 Middle concha 5 Perpendicular plate (part of nasal septum) 6 Orbital plate Sphenoidal bone 7 Lesser wing 8 Greater wing 9 Anterior clinoid process 10 Posterior clinoid process 11 Foramen ovale 12 Foramen spinosum 13 Lingula of the sphenoidal bone 14 Clivus 15 Optic canal 16 Tuberculum sellae 17 Foramen rotundum (right side) 18 Hypophysial fossa (sella turcica) 19 Dorsum sellae 20 Carotid sulcus 21 Spheno-occipital synchondrosis 22 Lateral pterygoid plate 23 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone (orbital surface) 24 Greater wing of sphenoidal bone (maxillary surface) 25 Foramen rotundum (left side) 26 Superior orbital fissure 27 Infratemporal crest of the greater wing Part of a disarticulated base of the skull.

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Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas (8th Edition) (Color Atlas of Anatomy a Photographic Study of the Human Body) by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll

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Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas (8th Edition) (Color Atlas of by Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll PDF
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