By Bethanne Patrick, John Thompson

ISBN-10: 1426204205

ISBN-13: 9781426204203

Someday approximately 30,000 years in the past, someone caught a pointy rock right into a cut up stick—and presto! The awl used to be born. Our inquisitive species simply loves tinkering, trying out, and pushing the boundaries, and this delightfully varied e-book is a freewheeling connection with countless numbers of customs, notions, and innovations that replicate human ingenuity all through history.

From hand instruments to vacation trips to guns to washing machines, An unusual historical past of universal Things gains 1000's of colourful illustrations, timelines, sidebars, and extra because it explores with regards to each topic less than the solar. Who knew that indoor plumbing has been round for 4,600 years, yet punctuation, capital letters, and the convenient areas among written phrases simply date again to the darkish a long time? Or that historical infantrymen baked a type of pizza on their shields—when they weren’t busy flying kites to frighten their foes?

Every web page of this quirky compendium catalogs whatever interesting, superb, or serendipitous. a full of life, incomparably browsable learn for background buffs, popular culture fanatics, and a person who relishes the atypical and notable info hidden within the daily, it's going to tell, amuse, astonish—and modify how you take into consideration the shrewdpermanent creatures we name people.

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With less beer to go around, the available stuff was usually watered down, giving drinkers a taste for weaker brew. Lighter beers like Miller, Schlitz, and Pabst were popular through much of the 20th century. As American palates grew more educated in the 1980s and 1990s, small companies began producing “microbrews”: beers, ales, and lagers made in smaller batches with specialty ingredients. Microbrews closely resemble the kinds of grain beverages consumed in ancient times and in early America. Wine FROM THE LATIN VINUM (WINE) POPULAR TYPES: RED, WHITE, SPARKLING, DESSERT “VARIETY” IN WINEMAKING IS THE TYPE OF GRAPE USED Wild grapes have existed for millions of years.

I learned that 16th-century sailors bought “thick cotton indigo-dyed cloth” in the vicinity of Mumbai (Bombay), near a fort called Dongarii. The material was taken to Italy, where it inspired an industry that exported a similar material out of Genoa. ” A related fabric was known as serge de Nîmes, after the French port, from which the familiar term “denim” derives. The entrepreneur who put this all together was Levi Strauss, the manufacturer of what I wore and called “dungarees” as a child in New York, not realizing that in using that name I was evoking the very remote origins of Levi’s in the vicinity of a fort in India.

Because so many of the things covered here are so familiar, we seldom give them much thought. How often do we wonder why we knock on wood, or how the dollar sign came to be? The more we see actions performed or objects used, the less we tend to ask questions about them. But asking those questions can lead to fascinating and enlightening answers. This book provides those kinds of answers. It is full of opportunities for the reader to think, How interesting. That’s something I didn’t know. I didn’t know, for example, exactly how pockets within pants evolved from pouches or “purses” full of valuables that used to hang from a belt outside whatever a person was wearing.

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