By Kenneth S Miller

ISBN-10: 048662661X

ISBN-13: 9780486626611

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Business components The business component programming model is an SCA programming model used to create basic business services within an application. The business component model includes the following tasks: Define the component Write the business logic Declare the security and consistency policies The exchange of data and messages with other services should use service data objects (SDO) Services are invoked by other services synchronously (request and response), or by asynchronous messages (events) that do not require an immediate response.

Fm Lines of code Draft Document for Review May 5, 2006 9:38 am Direct Connectivity Message Queuing Connectivity, mediation & additional logic Connectivity logic Mediation & additional logic Application All connectivity, mediation and additional logic buried in the application. e. a service) Reduced development and maintenance; increased flexibility and reuse Figure 2-3 Evolution of Integration We started with direct connectivity (point-to-point integration) where all the integration logic was embedded into the applications.

With this type of connectivity, a client could request a secure service without knowledge of its location or message format requirements. The response could be immediate or delayed. The product set for such a scenario would include: Assemble: DataPower Toolkit Deploy: DataPower XS40 Manage: IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA Chapter 1. fm Draft Document for Review May 5, 2006 9:38 am Optionally, TivoliĀ® Access Manager and Tivoli Federated Identity Manager can be used to managing identity and access to resources.

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