ISBN-10: 0470771232

ISBN-13: 9780470771235

ISBN-10: 0471980498

ISBN-13: 9780471980490

Chapter 1 Molecular and digital constitution of the amide team (pages 1–72): M. B. Robin, F. A. Bovey and Harold Basch
Chapter 2 Synthesis of amides (pages 73–185): A. L. J. Beckwith
Chapter three Acid?base and complexing homes of amides (pages 187–243): R. B. Homer and C. D. Johnson
Chapter four Rearrangement and removal of the amido workforce (pages 245–288): Joseph F. Bieron and Frank J. Dinan
Chapter five Photochemistry of the amido workforce (pages 289–308): Ionel Rosenthal
Chapter 6 Radiation chemistry of amides (pages 309–334): Owen H. Wheeler
Chapter 7 Chemistry of imidic compounds (pages 335–381): Owen H. Wheeler and Oscar Rosado
Chapter eight The chemistry of thioamides (pages 383–475): W. Walter and J. Voss
Chapter nine The chemistry of the thiohydrazide team (pages 477–514): W. Walter and ok. J. Reubke
Chapter 10 The chemistry of hydrazides (pages 515–600): Hans Paulsen and Dieter Stoye
Chapter eleven organic formation and reactions of the amido team (pages 601–684): J. E. Reimann and R. U. Byerrum
Chapter 12 Directing and activating results of the amido team (pages 685–729): J. A. Shafer
Chapter thirteen Reactions of the carboxamide team (pages 731–857): Brian G. Challis and Judith A. Challis

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Robin, F. A. D). rotational IV. ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE A. The Ground State Virtually all of the preliminary quantum chemistry requirzd for a discussion of the electronic structure of amides has already been set out in detail in Coulson and Stewart’s118 contribution to this series of books. O u r discussion will differ principally from theirs, in that we will consider calculations performed in a Gaussian-Type Orbital (GTO) basis rather than in a Slater-Type Orbital (STO) basis, and our calculations explicitly consider all electrons, cr and T,rather than just T.

A. BOVCY,and Harold Basch 2. Conformational preferences at t h e a-carbon atom As we have indicated, the conformation a t the a-carbon atom in monosubstituted amides is of particular significance in relation to the conformations of poly- (a-amino acid) chains. Knowledge of conformational preferences a t this carbon atom depends primarily upon nieasurements of the vicinal proton-proton coupling in the fragment 18, JNa,and a knowledge of the dependence of JNaon this dihedral anglc. Unfortunately, the nature of this dependence has not yet been determined.

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