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No factor is extra fateful for civilization than ethical relativism. heritage is aware no longer one instance of a profitable society which repudiated ethical absolutes. but such a lot assaults on relativism were both pragmatic (looking at its social outcomes) or exhorting (preaching instead of proving), and philosophers' arguments opposed to it were really good, technical, and scholarly. In his normal certain writing sort, Peter Kreeft we could an enticing, sincere, and humorous relativist interview a "Muslim fundamentalist" absolutist in order to not stack the cube individually for absolutism. In an enticing sequence of private interviews, each achievable argument the "sassy Black feminist" reporter Libby supplies opposed to absolutism is just and obviously refuted, and not one of the many arguments for ethical absolutism is refuted.

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Traditional morality said that some acts were always wrong, for everybody, in all situations and all times. But traditional morality also said that moral judgments were objectively true, that they told you something about objective reality, about the nature of things out there, independent of our minds and our opinions. Libby: How could "values" be "out there" like atoms? Interview 3: The History of Relativism / 45 'Isa: Ah, that's the point, that's the big difference. Traditional philosophy had a bigger conception of the "out there", a deeper world view.

Didn't you say there were four levels of data? We've got three so far, by my count: individual moral experience, interpersonal moral behavior, and public moral language. 'Isa: Right. The fourth would be human history . . Libby: You mean what we've learned from the follies of the past? 'Isa: That too, but I was thinking first of all of the wisdom of the past. Moral tradition. Tradition as a kind of collective moral memory. Most of our moral instruction comes from that source, I think. Libby: You think it comes from tradition more than from experience?

Libby: Can you be more specific? Who's the number one Deconstructionist? 'Isa: No one. They're all little philosophers. But their favorite great philosopher is Nietzsche. Nietzsche was really the first Deconstructionist. He called himself "the philosopher with a hammer". The destroyer. Especially in language. " You see, grammar is the traces of God and creation and form and objective truth and order in language. So the Deconstructionists rage against even that trace of divine order, because they see it's connected with moral order.

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