By Stacy Fang-Ching Teng

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The Puyuma humans dwell in southeastern Taiwan in Taitung urban and Peinan Township in Taitung County . There are nonetheless fourteen extant Formosan (Austronesian) languages in Taiwan , yet purely 13 indigenous teams are formally acknowledged through the Taiwanese executive. the current examine investigates the Nanwang dialect of the Puyuma language, spoken via the folk in Nanwang and Paoshang Suburbs of Taitung urban in southern Taiwan .The goal of this grammar is to explain the phonology and morphosyntax of Puyuma. The paintings is descriptive in nature, and the theoretical framework hired is easy Linguistic thought (BLT), following Dixon (1994, 1997) and Dryer (2006). BLT emphasis es the necessity to describe each one language in its personal phrases, instead of impos ing on it strategies derived from different languages . therefore, during this learn, the writer abandons conventional phrases utilized by linguists learning Philippine-type languages, reminiscent of 'agent focus', 'patient focus', 'locative focus', or 'instrumental focus', and replaces them with the phrases like 'transitive' and 'intransitive' which are extra primary to many of the world's linguists.

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Examples showing their distribution are given below: 2 onset coda m manay “what, who”, rami “root” ayam “bird”, amTeg “stable” n ninik “knife”, enay “water” denun “summer” ng ngisngis “beard”, LangiT “sky” pilang “to lead”, sangli “snail” The information is from Elizabeth Zeitoun (pers. ). 3 Fricative The only fricative in the Nanwang dialect, /s/, is a voiceless alveolar fricative, and it is palatalised as [&] before the high vowel /i/ and /u/ and realised as [s] elsewhere. For example: /siri/ “goat” !

However, not much sermon material is used in the study, because there is a lot of Japanese mixed into the translation. After I collected text data from different informants and with the help of my major informant Isaw, I keyed my data into the computer and transcribed about 6-7 hours of the collected texts. In addition to the natural speech, around 400 verbal stems appearing in the texts were chosen and comprise the basis of the elicited data. e. voice, mood, causative, passive, anticausative and reciprocal) was elicited.

After years of training in the Takuban, the young men had to go through another three years of ascetic life in the Palakuan “young men’s meeting house”. They only had one meal a day, and they wore only a short skirt all year round. They were not allowed to talk to women, and they had to do various kinds of hard work to serve the elders, such as cooking, cutting firewood, fetching water, and adding wood to the fire throughout the night. At the end of this time, they were considered adults and were permitted to get married.

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