By Philomena Dol

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Maybrat is a Papuan language that is spoken within the crucial quarter of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . although it truly is one of many higher neighborhood languages in Papua Province when it comes to numbers of audio system, a accomplished grammar in this language has hitherto now not been published.

This publication goals to offer an outline of the phonology, morphology and sy n tax of the Maybrat language because it is spoken by way of the folk of Ayawasi. preferably, this paintings can be utilized as a reference grammar: it offers information regarding crucial structural and typological elements of Maybrat. With this in brain, the grammar is stuffed with illustrative examples focused round contrasts in shape and which means, that are mentioned within the textual content.

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Wata] [w´»jo] /wata/ /wyo/ ‘fishtrap’ ‘quickly’ Similarly when a semivowel [j]/[w] instead of a vowel [i]/[u] is realised, the forms are rejected: (8) *[j´n]22 *[j´»ra] *[j´»sç] *[j´»sie] vs. vs. vs. vs. *[w´»mam] vs. [i:n] [»ira] [»iso] [»isie] /in/ /ira/ /iso/ /isie/ ‘earthquake’ ‘just now’ ‘track’ ‘sun’ [»umam] /umam/ ‘sweat’ Intervocalically, when within a morpheme [i]/[u] instead of a vowel [j]/[w] is realised, the forms are rejected, regardless of whether V1 and V2 are like vowels or not: (9) *[»aia] *[»toio] vs.

57) [t´sija 'ana á] /t-sia ana/ 1S-with 3P (tsiya ana) ‘I with them’ If forms ending in /t/ are uttered in isolation, or when they occur in sentence-final position, the pronunciation of /t/ may be postponed, so that it is heard later than expected. In such forms, there is a silence between the vowel and the word-final [t]: 39 [s´rAx»wata] behaves like a compound noun: the main stress is on the second member stress position, while the secondary stress is on the stressed syllable of the first member.

40 Reduction of a syllable /i/ or /u/ only occurs within morphemes. Examples are given below: (59) represents a word uttered in lento speech, and (60) represents the same word, uttered in allegro speech. (59) phonetic realisation CV-structure phoneme-structure (60) [»r C /r a V a ơ p C p u V u ơ syllable phonetic realisation CV-structure phoneme-structure 40 ơ syllable [»r C /r a V a ơ w C o ç V x/ x] C ơ p C p w V u ç V o x] C x/ The physical correlates of these prominence peaks can be defined as intensity, duration and amplitude.

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