By Tomas B. Garcia

ISBN-10: 0763773514

ISBN-13: 9780763773519

Welcome to the main complete source on 12-Lead ECG interpretation!

This all-encompassing, four-color textual content, up-to-date to the hot moment variation, is designed to make you an absolutely complicated interpreter of ECGs. even if you're paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner, health practitioner assistant, scientific pupil, or doctor eager to examine or brush up in your wisdom of electrocardiography, this booklet will meet your needs.

12-Lead ECG: The paintings of Interpretation, moment version takes the complicated topic of electrocardiography and provides it in an easy, leading edge, 3-level method. point 1 offers simple details for people with minimum adventure studying ECGs. point 2 offers intermediate info for people with a simple knowing of the foundations of electrocardiography. point three presents complicated info for people with a few mastery of the topic. the total textual content is written in a pleasant, easy-to-read tone. also, the textual content comprises real-life, enormous ECG strips which are built-in through the textual content and analyzed along with the suggestions they illustrate.

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